Réseau E.J.U.GNon classéThey will be above the law, and they will know that they

They will be above the law, and they will know that they

Substitute whole wheat and you’ll get double the fibre. Your blood sugar may be low bestcanadagoose Canada Goose Outlet, and a quick simple snack including sugar, fat or salt would raise your energy levels. But only temporarily the cost being excess calories. It has now come out in the leaked Podesta emails that Hillary Clinton wants « open borders, » meaning she wants to eliminate America’s borders entirely. By obliterating national borders, she will achieve Obama’s ultimate goal of occupying and overrunning America with enemies who will destroy it from within. Under a Clinton regime, America would become a festering beachhead for Islamic terrorists and a human wave of impoverished, disease ridden illegals from South America who want all the free food stamps, free housing Canada Goose Outlet, free health care and free education benefits that democrats are handing out like candy (without any clue how to ultimately pay for it all, because democrats are economically illiterate).

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