Réseau E.J.U.GNon classéFrom October 30, 2007 through March 9, 2008, the index lost

From October 30, 2007 through March 9, 2008, the index lost

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canada goose black friday sale Are you noticing green shoots here and do you think that this space both private and public sector undertaking (PSU) is a space to invest into now?A: It looks like we might be getting there because at the end of the day no cycle of bad debt lasts forever and time more than any magic moves by government or by industry but time has got us to a point where a lot of the non performing asset (NPA) recognition is behind us and therefore incrementally NPAs are not growing at faster pace. Therefore, that alone is a positive that we have crossed the hump if you will in terms of bad debt cycle, problem loan recognition. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be more bad loans to be recognised but with the RBI having forced the hands on the banks on a lot of situations, I think the worst of the loan recognition will be behind us and if the ordinance that you were just discussing, allows for more orderly resolution of some of the existing bad debt where it is using new bankruptcy codes or empowering RBI to move things more in that direction that will all be positive for the banking sector, so it does seem like the primary lagging bank in the private sector of any size has been ICICI Bank and if that starts to give some signs of the worst being behind then there is a lot of room for some of these lagging banks to have a big move.Latha: Are you on buy mode in ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), Axis Bank and banks like this, after both looking at the results and the impending ordinance?A: So far we have stayed away from them, so yes; this would certainly make us much more interested in looking at these because we have stayed so far with the non banking financial companies (NBFCs) and some of the high quality banks but I think this is time to start moving the focus on these especially because as the economic cycle turns the laggards could benefit plus if they can get pass the bad loan problem, there is a lot of upside in some of these banks.Anuj: Indian market is been driven by domestic flows canada goose black friday sale.